Why Java is the most preferred Language for Developers and Programmers?

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It’s been 23 years and still Java is the most preferred language!!

Having said that JAVA is the most preferred language for Developers and Programmers on its 23rd anniversary, an obvious doubt arises on its consistent popularity in programming world even today.

Despite having competency from various other languages, it hasn’t failed to develop during the span of digital evolution.

Why Java language is preferred the most and is so popular?

The independence it offers as a platform is the main reason for the popularity it has gained and holds. As long as the system is configured with Java Runtime Environment (JRE), JAVA program runs on it.

The most interesting part of it is that the code written 15 years ago will still run on the most advanced JVMs, matching the agility and management even now.

Today, almost every PC and mobile phone that is running on Windows, Macintosh, Unix/Linux, and the large mainframe computers is feasible and compatible with it.

Many renowned businesses and organizations were built making JAVA as their biggest asset. Also, the globally established banks, retailers, insurance companies, utilities, and manufacturers still use it in their organizational structure.

The yesteryear programmers and developers describe that the development of the language has progressed with stability and innovation with time and there was no sign of decline.

As it is fundamentally object-oriented and the objects don’t have any other reference for data other than within, its code is robust and agile enough to execute the functionality.

As, it is provided with a library of classes that include commonly used utility functions, it is considered a very simple language comparatively.

Factually, learning ‘How to use JAVA’ isn’t just about the language but the JAVA API – the class library which is a part of JDK. Also, the language consists of only 50 keywords but the API comprises thousands of classes which offer tens of thousands of methods to implement in your program.

Suggesting the language to be worth learning, experts declare that Java-language plays a quite influential role in,

Building Android Apps

Java Web Applications

Software Tools

Scientific Applications

Irrespective of your interested stream in coding, it can lead you into different paths. Be it the game development, desktop, web and mobile applications, it is flexible enough to work in the relative platforms and the environments.

Benefits with Java Programming

*If a programmer at the beginner stage is capable of installing JDK, setting the path and is familiar with the working of a classpath then he can easily build any code further.

*There are better GUI systems with it, than with the default AWT and Swing libraries. Also, the JDBC connects you with databases efficiently.

*As the language is reliable, scalable and is flexible, it is integrated into almost every technology innovation; making it a universally accepted programming language.

* Java developer community base is spread wide and vast in numbers since the ages and still continues to create many jobs in the tech industry.

*As OpenJDK is an open source programming language, it will obviously be platform independent across various OS environments.

The Future of Java-based Development

*Technology is evolving exponentially, so does the demand and opportunities for the professionals of JDK.

*Today, millions of developers are sustaining and persisting on it and they are continuously growing as a community that’s supporting, helping and sharing the knowledge.

*Growing the credibility in enhancing the functionalities of the advanced future technologies like IoT and Cloud dev, it is infinitely gaining the priority and popularity.

Despite existing for 23 years, Java is still evolving towards progressing of many businesses.

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