What is ASP Technology?

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What is ASP

What is ASP

Many of us have this question what is ASP? ASP is a server-side scripting language created by Microsoft.

ASP (Active Server Pages) is the technology developed by Microsoft for the creation of dynamic server pages. ASP is written on the same web page, using the Visual Basic Script or JScript language (Microsoft Javascript).

A server-side language is one that runs on the web server, just before the page is sent over the Internet to the client. The pages that run on the server can perform access to databases, network connections, and other tasks to create the final page that the client will see. The client only receives a page with the HTML code resulting from the execution of the ASP page. Since the resulting page contains only HTML code, it is compatible with all browsers. We can know something more about server and client programming in the article what DHTML is.

The type of servers that use this language is, obviously, all those that work with Windows NT system, although it can also be used on a PC with Windows 98 if we install a server called Personal Web Server. Even in Linux systems, we can use ASPs if we install a component called Chilisoft, although it seems clear that it will be better to work on the web server for which it is intended: Internet Information Server.

With ASPs, we can perform many different types of applications. It allows us access to databases, the server’s file system and in general to all the resources that the server itself has. We also have the possibility of buying ActiveX components manufactured by different software development companies that serve to make multiple uses, such as sending mail, generate graphics dynamically, and much more.

Currently, the second version of ASP, the ASP.NET, has been presented, which includes some improvements in terms of language possibilities and speed with which it works. ASP.NET has some differences in terms of syntax with the ASP, so it has to be treated differently from one another.

To learn more about what ASP is and to learn how to program in the language, we have a section on DesarrolloWeb dedicated entirely to dealing with ASP in depth.

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