The Top Listed Technology Trends for 2019

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Technology Trends

Technology Trends for 2019, reviewing 2018!

As 2018 ends by leaving a brief note in tech advancement, it is time to look out for the technology trends that are set to progress in 2019 and the following years.

Out of predictions we made in 2018, crypto market crash and data ownership resulted out as expected.

Now as 2019 is too closer to strike, we tend to expect technology trends that can turn out as the most happening businesses in 2019.

Most important among the mentions is Data. Regardless of the type of industry involved, each and every technology creates data that too in large amounts.

So, undoubtedly data will determine the future of many businesses in the coming year, before hitting the decade year 2020.

Also, AI grows influentially in 2019 while Blockchain shows improved transparency, provenance and complete reliability.

So, let’s have a quick look at the most happening Technology Trends of 2019 and the tips to make business technology trends that are expected to dominate the rest in 2019..,

2019 Most Expected Technology Trends and Tips to Make Business

In 2019 we shall see the usage of Blockchain by large organizations to amplify industry collaborations. This means that the disruptive technology blockchain shall turn out as the gold standard for supply chain in 2019.

Most of the enterprise applications would readily use private blockchains by offering feasibility to the existing participants to approve the new ones. This process enables flexible, efficient and valid transactions.

Organizations that are part of the financial services industry or supply chains are looking out to feature a shared ledger for settlement of transactions.

So, as it offers viable benefits to the participants in a network that have to trust each other in every individual possibility to make it work, it’s evident that there are immense opportunities for Blockchain in 2019.

Thus, moving into 2019, blockchain shall transform into a viable distributed ledger technology that’s totally reliable, shows transparency, and is efficient enough to enable trustless transactions among the fellow industry allies.

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Last year, we witnessed an immense hype on the Cryptocurrencies and the back-pedaling phenomenon by the end of the following year 2018.

Though various reasons were mentioned for the fall of bitcoin, it feels that its baseless existence (without any real serious use) and the availability of alters made it fail abruptly in the market.

However, as 2019 seems to be a dynamic year for technology, alternative cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin, especially which are linked to a real product shall see a rapid growth.

Also, the Tokenomics, which explains the architecture of a token shall gain utmost priority as it helps the investors and users to study the tokenized ecosystems for making the currency grow.

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Despite promising an advanced Virtual Reality (VR) and a useful Augmented Reality (AR), innovators are still fascinating us with the fancy marketing demos that are featured using Virtual Reality.

Returning to hopes, in 2019 R+ (VR, AR, and Mixed Reality) seems to seriously initiate a transformative change to keep the promise alive.

The decline in the GPU costs, advancement in sensors and tracking systems, availability of AI and machine learning tools are giving a ray of hope.

While the AR is ready to take off in the business space and VR is speeding up to reach consumers, it is obvious to say that virtual reality may not differ much from reality in the coming future.

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We are now witnessing the world of IoT connected devices and autonomous things, but these can turn out dangerous anytime as they are highly insecure.

We have seen the hacked dolls, monitors, thermostats, printers and even cars in the past few years just because the IoT manufacturers rarely considered security as the core competence issue.

Now as 2019 hits-by, IoT manufacturers are forced to improve their security efforts to the maximal levels.

Interestingly, with these efforts pushed further in the near future, data security and AI security shall experience rapid advancements thereby playing a team member of the IT security department.

However, many other new technology trends invigorated in 2019 can either deploy a phenomenal transformation or even deteriorate the complete system of the business. So, if you are looking out for an efficient team that delivers progressive results for your business before 2020, here we are.

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