Top 5 Applications of Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

Top 5 Applications of Internet of Things (IoT)

  1. IoT in Healthcare

Connected health is still the sleeping giant of the Internet of Things applications. The concept of a connected health system and smart medical devices has enormous potential, not only for businesses but for the well-being of people in general.

Research shows that IoT in healthcare will be huge in the years to come. The IoT in health care aims to enable people to live a healthier life by wearing connected devices.

The data collected will assist in the personalized analysis of an individual’s health and provide tailored strategies to combat the disease. The video below explains how IoT can revolutionize treatment and medical help.

  1. IoT in Agriculture

With the continuous increase in the world population, the demand for food supply is extremely high. Governments help farmers use advanced techniques and research to increase food production. Smart farming is one of the fastest growing areas of IoT.

Farmers use meaningful information from the data to get a better return on their investment. Detecting moisture and soil nutrients, controlling water use for plant growth, and determining custom fertilizers are some simple uses of IoT.

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  1. Smart Home

With IoT creating the buzz, ‘Smart Home’ is the feature associated with the most searched IoT on Google. But, what is a smart home?

Would not you like it if you could turn on the air conditioning before coming home or turning off the lights even after you left the house? Or unlock the doors to friends for temporary access, even when you’re not home. Do not be surprised with the IoT that takes shape companies make products to make your life easier and more convenient.

Smart Home has become the revolutionary scale of success in residential spaces and it is predicted that smart homes will become as mainstream as smartphones.

The cost of owning a home is the biggest expense in a homeowner’s life. Smart Home products promise to save time, energy and money. With smart home-based companies like Nest, Ecobee, Ring and August, to name a few, will become family-owned brands and plan to offer a new experience.

  1. Smart Cities

The Smart City is another powerful application of IoT that arouses curiosity among the world’s population. Smart monitoring, automated transportation, intelligent energy management systems, water distribution, urban safety and environmental monitoring are all examples of IoT applications for people with disabilities.

IoT will solve the major problems faced by city dwellers such as pollution, traffic congestion and energy shortages, etc. Products like Smart Belly’s trash-enabled cellular communication will send alerts to municipal departments when a trash bin needs to be emptied.

By installing sensors and using web applications, citizens can find free parking spaces available throughout the city. In addition, the sensors can detect meter tampering problems, general malfunctions and installation problems in the electrical system.

  1. Smart Retail

The potential of IoT in the retail sector is enormous. IoT offers retailers the opportunity to connect with customers to enhance the in-store experience.

Smartphones will be the means for retailers to stay connected with their consumers even in stores. Interacting with smartphones and using Beacon technology can help retailers better serve their consumers. They can also follow the path of consumers through a store and improve the layout of stores and place high-end products in high traffic areas.

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