Tips to Increase CTR on Your Google Ads

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Google Ads

Increase CTR on Your Google Ads Now!

The major surveys that examined the CTR on the Google Ads stated a verdict contemporarily.

It mentions that the reason for the search ad resonance with users is because of their least exposure to knowledge in identifying the difference between an ad and an organic listing in search results.

Then, what about the customers/users who are well aware of the ads and still click them? Here’s the answer,

As the survey went by with the users across Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon, it’s evident that the Google Ads gained the most no. of clicks because of their optimum relevancy with the searches.

Among those 500+ people in the survey, 75% have said that they clicked on the Google Ad as it looked much relevant in showing the information they were looking for. This means that such highly relevant Google Ads are a strike-through for the following business and the campaign drafted a successful CTR.

They firmly found that these ads answered right for their searches and so it’s obvious to say that the triggering keywords or tail words can make a good click-through-rate from the users.

There were also 26% of them who clicked these Google Ads, as they featured a brand that was much familiar to them. And so far, YouTube and Amazon ads were the major channels that got benefited with the clicks from these major proportions.

This also shows the possibility to build a brand among various channels by implementing the utmost relevant ads (as per the users) thereby maximize the investments in advertising to prosper into the market.

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CTR for Ads on Desktop Device

Your browser comes up with ample number of results that fit the display limits to max.

Usually a search engine features the shopping ads below the search bar first, it then comes up with the ads that are relevant to the search thereby continues them with the organic search results.

So, a paid click that’s on the right note of a search relevancy shall get the most clicks and note a remarkable CTR at the end of the campaign.

However, a CTR for a specific ad also depends on the consumer’s interest.

A least-interested consumer (who isn’t ready to buy) tends to click the organic results more than the relevant Google Ads, while highly-conscious customers go with both the organic results and the paid to find the product they have been searching for.

So, based on the research contemplated on the consumer behavior with the clicks and Ads on a desktop device, most of the clicks went through the organic results than the paid clicks.

CTR for Ads on Mobile Device

As the number of mobile users has been vibrantly increasing with everyday in the growing market, it turned out to be a huge medium to flourish for every business.

In a mobile view, a search engine displays the paid ads first, continuing with the local business suggestions then features the media and after a finite no. of scrolls we witness the relevant organic search lists.

Unlike on the desktop device, a user has to scroll down to view the organic search results.

A customer may choose any other brand/product he finds relevant in the paid ads and just ignore scrolling down for the organic searches. So, depending entirely on SEO is risky for brands, when it comes for mobile devices.

Thus, understanding a consumer behavior and implementing the strategies accordingly is the core of every business and so, investing smartly in the ads that are feasible to make high CTR on both mobile and desktop devices is important.

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