I am writing this letter to strongly recommend CAT Technologies. CAT Technologies’ enthusiasm and passion made a strong first impression. There are a lot of folks out there who can make a database work and put it out there on the web. But to find a team who is truly enthusiastic about your company, its image, and its goals, is not so easy. From the first time we met, CAT Technologies’ priority was to deliver the services my company needed, not to see what my company could do for them. Their enthusiasm and passion was consistent throughout the design and launch process, and continues today. Once work on the new site began, their organizational skills, hard work, knowledge, and ability enabled them to reach each milestone within the projected completion date. i can’t say enough about how thorough they were, ensuring accuracy, ease of use, and operability for each task. once the site was launched, they patiently provided online support to our staff, pending as much time as was needed to ensure the site would produce results for our company including working on holidays. CAT Technologies Developers has been enthusiastic, creative and extremely prompt at fulfilling all of my wants and needs for my company’s website. They have made suggestions that match my ideas and followed through with them at records speed. I believe that price is very important. And CAT Technologies delivered everything they said they would at a price hundreds of dollars below the next closest bidder.CAT Technologies is an excellent company to work with and i would highly recommend they expertise in assisting anyone who wants a website that is a cut above the rest!

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