Why Nodejs for Web App Development? What’s so special?

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Why Nodejs is so special?

Nodejs is an open source server-side script that’s been running over the V8, an open-source JavaScript engine developed by The Chromium Project for Google Chrome and Chromium web browsers.

Mentioned to be quick, lightweight and efficient, Node.js executes on asynchronous mode based on event-driven I/O while shelving the most traditional scripting process.

Introduced by Ryan Dahl in 2009, Nodejs has been a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment used to make JS code function outside the browser.

However, a Node.js development environment is set up before creating the applications using JavaScript or any other language that compiles to JavaScript and written as in any client-side application.

Node Package Manager (Npm) consists of libraries that are developed by the Nodejs community to resolve almost all the possible generic problems in the flow.

While mentioning about the built-in modules of Node.js, these nodes doesn’t need additional installations as the custom modules can be installed from the Npm as per the requirement/need. Also, it provides a feasibility to create own modules for the sake of apps.

As the modules of node.js work independently, a node module i.e., a block of code can be re-used without impacting any other nodejs component and its functions.

So, when it comes to decide about the best tool to build real-time web applications, Node.js is preferred and suggested the most as it helps in building cross-platform applications easily.

Thus, it also increases the efficiency of the development process by bridging the functionality gaps b/w frontend and backend applications with non-blocking I/O approach.

As Node.js is scalable and even available as an open source language platform, it is preferred for enterprise apps by almost 43% of Node.js programmers.

But, to cater the best possible solutions and service with Node.js, you’ll require a clear deft on the platform and its extended ends.

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