Latest Technology Trends that will rule the Future

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latest technology trends

Latest Technology Trends you need to eye-on

 Predicting the tech future based on a maestro analysis of the latest technology trends; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Open source, Cybersecurity, Virtual/Augmented Reality, and IoT are estimated to rule the future.

After experiencing a radical transformation in the technology, for a newbie or a veteran programmer, it has turned obvious to cope up with the latest changes constantly.

And so, the unparalleled growth of these disruptive technologies has roped in huge demand for the experts overnight.

Thus, it’s relevant to know why and what’s of these latest technology trends briefly..,

 2018 Latest Technology Trends

latest technology trends

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has already spread its roots into various business verticals to engage and accelerate their work-flow experience thereby delivering service excellence to the customers.

As of now, AI’s virtual assistants (VA), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), chatbots, AI smart apps are evolving their credibility to help the customers resolve their problems.

Interestingly, even the young national and global startups also have started adopting the AI development apart from the tech giants like Google, Deepmind, Facebook, Nvidia, and Amazon.

Thus, there’s no doubt in declaring the huge scope to make a successful career in AI related Jobs.


Though blockchain received hype due to the bitcoin/cryptocurrency initially, it then framed a revolutionary expansion of its applications in various industries.

Today, blockchain is predicted to bring a path-breaking change in various verticals, while it’s already spread into banking, healthcare, politics, real estate, legal industry, government, rentals, ride sharing, charities, and education.

However, leading the blockchain development into the future, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon are already clinching the deals with banks and government regulatory agencies to provide the blockchain support.

Thus, it’s clear that the future belongs to the blockchain developers and experts.

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Open Source

Introduced in the 19th century, open source software kept on evolving and emerging to the top among the latest technology trends.

Renowned for its customizable and completely flexible applications developed for various business purposes, open source is here to stay.

Despite the development of other disruptive latest technology trends, open source will still manage to stay at the peak in 2019 and the near future.

Thus, companies are looking forward to hiring experts so as to meet the market needs with assets infra.

Cyber Security

Suffering from the security breaches from anonymous sources; companies, individuals, and organizations are looking for trusted security services.

As the cyber attacks aren’t confined to giant tech companies; small, medium and startup organizations also suffer the data and security breach.

Thus the demand for expert security services and exceptional security coding skills is phenomenally increasing everywhere and for everyone.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Showing a remarkable change in the applications Virtual Reality has amalgamated itself into various businesses.

As we can see its influence in changing the entertainment and video games experience, marketers have ideated its importance in their marketing strategies.

In fact, many companies have already summed up Virtual/Augmented Reality as part of their content marketing strategy, analyzing its efficiency in reaching their audience in a new versatile way.

Making the users visualize the product or experience the service before owning it is working out well and is constantly showing progressive results thereafter promising future for VR/AR among the latest technology trends.

Internet of Things (IoT)

While the evolution of technology is on pace, the Internet of Things made its own remark by promising 90% ROI laid on it in a definite span.

As the customer-friendly technologies are on boom today, IoT evolved as a new alternative to accelerate business opportunities, sales, and reliability of their products and services.

IoT has so far entered Healthcare, Wearable, Smart homes and buildings, Vehicles, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Agriculture, and Energy industries vibrantly expanding its application verticals.

Certainly, IoT is the fertile plowed technology ground that shall reap opportunities for the developers in the very near future.

“Change is inevitable”, and if we don’t stay ahead accordingly, no matter how established and constructive we were, it just gets drafted into your/company’s past portfolio.

Having 10+ years of skilled expertise in dealing with disruptive and latest technology trends, Cat Technology Inc. is whom you can rely on for your business future.

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