Why JAVA for Web Development?

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JAVA for Web Development

Originally introduced by Sun Microsystem in 1995, Java Programming language is later developed by oracle from 2010.

Since then it has evolved vigorously, staying at the foundations of most of the profound applications in the market today.

With the wide adoption of it, a robust ecosystem of docs, libraries and frameworks came into existence and prevailed aiming at e-commerce, security, and complex transaction architectures for enterprise software, mobile applications, web scripting games and embedded systems.

Here are few notable advantages of JAVA…

*Providing a much evolved brilliant user experience, these Applications are acknowledged thereby acclaimed for their user friendly and engaging UX.

*They are highly useful therefore provide the feasibility to transfer it to other devices easily.

*Despite relying on the open source, its web development structure is organized and so facilitates different apps.

*The very unique advantage from this is that it provides multilingual support and accessibility with different languages.

*J2ee Application Development besides known to be simple, easy and effective when compared to others, it’s even known to be secured from vulnerabilities for its unique development approach.

However, the approach of Java Application Development is simple and so follows various phases including…

  • Project development
  • Class project creation
  • Source code entry
  • New codes entry
  • Code compilation
  • Checking the functionality of compiled program

So far, Java is integrated into various purposeful applications for industries like banking, manufacturing, IT and entertainment.

Recently, big enterprises like Amazon, Google and Facebook have started using Java which eventually makes it the most preferred option for enterprise and maintainable web development.

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