Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain Technology

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internet of things (iot)

Internet of Things (IoT) to Use Blockchain Technology

Using Blockchain Services in the Internet of Things (IoT) Technology is a path-breaking combination from conventional technological methods.

Within the giant network of Technology and Development services, we don’t usually get to witness two path-breaking technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain Technology combining to intensify unique feature of one with the other.

Interesting isn’t it! changing the conventional thoughts by transparency (Blockchain technology) and connectivity (Internet of Things (IoT))  in the tech world, disruptive technologies that are predicted to be the future of tech industry are now ready to share the mutual benefits.

internet of things (iot)

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has been the new internet form in the Digital World now. Earlier referred to as the vehicle of cryptocurrency, it has now evolved as a technology that can’t be owned and controlled but can be used by everyone. Defining it in a simple form, Blockchain Technology can be referred to as a digital safe locker and a tamper-proof digital ledger. However, avoiding data tampering, single-point failures and third-party reference are mentioned as the specialties of Blockchain Technology so far.

Known for its decentralized approach towards the information shared between nodes, Blockchain service can be readily used for future technologies like Advance IoT for Data encryption and security.

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internet of things (iot)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things, abbreviated as IoT is known to be one of the future technologies that shall invigorate development in services to make lives better than before. The concept of embedding daily used items and gadgets with sensors and other electronic equipment by initiating the connection and data exchange between the objects defines the Internet of Things.

As internet-connected device usage is drastically increasing in different industries, IoT is playing the most influential part in handling the tasks with ease. Making the life easier and better, IoT is used in controlling various small devices through Mobile Apps & AI.

Despite having a path-breaking innovation in hand; IoT stores user information, which raises the data security issue to the end user. Therefore, it’s relevant that IoT lacks data security and so will require a robust decentralized security model like Blockchain Technology to enhance its services.

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Mutual Benefits of Blockchain and IoT Combination

As discussed above, Blockchain Technology provides Data Security, Immutability, Decentralization and Transparent Sharing advantages which Internet of Things (IoT) desperately is in need of. Although IoT is far beyond excellence in innovation, it lacks the Data security and integrity which the user expects badly. So, the ally between these two technologies benefits; IoT in utilizing decentralized and transparently shared data to perform various tasks with smart devices whereas Blockchain gets to expand its domain of application, making it much more useful in daily basis rather than just in cryptocurrency.

Thus, it’s clear that Blockchain Technology and Internet of Things (IoT) combination would be a path-breaking technology for the internet connected the mobile world in the future.

With the services it offers, it’s evident that blockchain technology will spread its roots vigorously into the commercial Internet of Things (IoT) world and these future-tech companies will take-up the process of development and implementation themselves.

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