Travel & Tourism

By CAT Technology Inc 5 years ago

Travel & Tourism

CATT Inc. has expertise in developing travel solutions for airlines, online travel portals and information service providers across various domains.

Service Offerings:

Asset Database Management:

CATT Inc. provides GIS based Asset Database Management systems for road and railroad infrastructure.

Pavement Management. Intelligent Transportation Systems. Mobile GIS:

CATT Inc. has proven expertise in Mobile Geographic Information System (GIS), which integrates three essential technologies – GIS software,Global Positioning System technology, and handheld communication devices.

Contract Management for Roads & Highways:

This provides a sophisticated solution to drive on the roads of any city/country. In addition, HCL has designed the system to provide answers for the user/driver’s queries.

Automatic Vehicle Location:

CATT Inc. expertise in GIS and GPS technology has been used in designing a system that locates a vehicle’s position and communicates it to a central base station. Our Transportation solutions practice helps companies face these challenges by providing a full range of services in industries including Goods Transportation, Passenger Transportation and Logistics.

Other offerings include:

  • Application Development and Maintenance.
  • Legacy Transformation solutions.
  • Verification & Validation services.
  • Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Enterprise applications including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and other leading third party packages.

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