10 Incredible Features of SharePoint

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Incredible Features of SharePoint

Better Interface and Experience:

SharePoint offers a new and simplified experience for the end user. Drag and drop content into document libraries, view previews and edit online lists, are just some of the ways to put the content of the organization in control.

Work Socially:

The new social features allow you to share what you are working on, ask questions and see what other colleagues are working on. Social work promotes better monitoring, performance and compliance with work responsibilities.

Grow Your Network of Experts:

The characteristics for the configuration of the profile help people to connect easily through the organization, to discover interests, past projects and documents in which they have worked. SharePoint will help you find answers and discover other expert colleagues.

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Synchronization of Documents:

OneDrive Pro synchronizes the content of SharePoint to your desktop, if you are working remotely you can access your documents with just one click. Keep your projects and tasks active from almost anywhere.


Sharing files and documents with people inside and outside the organization is now easier than ever. Thanks to the integration of Office applications, OneDrive Pro and SharePoint you can share, consult and even work remotely on the contents you need.

Better Collaboration:

Promote a better team work creating sites to collaborate in a matter of minutes. These sites allow you to upload files, assign revision and editing permissions, track the notes of a meeting, and integrate all the emails and documents of a team in one place.

Keep your Projects Going on?

SharePoint allows you to take calendars and commitments from different projects at the same time, organize tasks and track pending tasks. Thanks to the integration it offers with Outlook and Microsoft Project, it is now possible to obtain a global vision of the workloads, assigned resources, prioritize tasks and measure the performance of a team based on the completed projects.

Find what you are looking for:

Personalize and quickly narrow the search to obtain results based on its relevance, also provides recommendations on people and documents that you might be interested in following, making it easier to discover answers and make decisions.

Always with You:

This new version integrates a native interface for mobile devices, whether you are out of the office or during a meeting, you can access, share and update your documents and activity feed from your Smartphone or tablet. SharePoint goes everywhere with you to keep you always connected and in sync.

Better Processes:

Develop customized applications and workflows that help you improve planning and processes within the organization. Increase productivity between departments and get more out of the investment.

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