How to use LinkedIn Profile for Lead Generation

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Leads

While everyone is frolicking around Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, LinkedIn Profile is leaving an ingenious impact on business with high-quality lead-generation.

With 500+ Million users, LinkedIn is evolving as a reliable space for acquiring leads, recruiting needs and marketing feeds.

Based on LinkedIn profile’s dynamism in making business, it is part of every marketing strategy today. Despite the Lead-generation play, most of the companies are still unaware of its efficient services in marketing and the ones who know it, aren’t using it the right way.

Branding and Lead Generation with LinkedIn Profile

After reviewing and researching various popular and unpopular profiles, here are some very common mistakes capable people do or just ignore doing..,

*LinkedIn isn’t included in their lead-generation techniques and customer acquiring marketing strategies.

*LinkedIn is underutilized compared to other sales tools and techniques.

*Drafting their skills, achievements and employment history in LinkedIn, capable profiles are creating a naïve impression resembling a resume copy.

*Missing to mention the major information they can provide about their current company and their expertise, they’re missing out details that can add value to their profiles.

So avoiding these, here’s how you can add weight to your profile..,

LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips

>> Exhibit your brand/work in your background photo.

>> Add an attention-grabbing headline to your profile.

>> Update a high-resolution profile picture.

>> Edit your summary with a precise chain of keywords.

>> Add a weighted multimedia content to your profile, be it a blog post, video or a landing page.

>> Get Recommendations as feedback from your clients and employers.

>> Subscript strong data points, while editing job description of current company in your profile.

Despite making these changes on your own, you may still need the help of an expert to reach your top profile targets.

To turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generation tool and to turn top leads into your real-time clients, we implement the most advanced techniques followed by our most influencing marketing team at Cat Technology INC.

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