What is the Future of Google Search After 2018?

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Future of Google Search After 2018

Since 2 decades Google Search has been the same for everyone except the ones who look on to the innovations behind the screens till 2018.

All that you have noticed so-far is just that, you type a word in the search space and Google Search engine suggested you with the relevant list of links in a similar interface.

This is because of the company’s idempotent approach to the core concept despite adding a lot of updates and advancements progressively.

Looking forward to breaking this monopoly, Google seems to come up with a complete makeover on its interface in near future.

Affirming the above statement at an event in the 20th anniversary of Google search, company heads revealed a finite list of updates that are going to transform the interface of SERP’s.

Interestingly, these future updates of Google Search that would go live after 2018 resembled the features of social media.

Here’s a glimpse on some of those specific updates from the meet..,

How will Google Search look like in Future?


It is announced to be the name of a feed feature that brings up the content on mobiles and desktops according to user’s interests and search history. It also enables the feed storage feature which’s categorized as ‘collections’.


Google decides to hold nothing back, on ‘Stories’. This most popular feature is now expected to appear very frequently in the Google search results. These publisher-created AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) stories will now be optimized using Google’s AI to bring up clickable stories on various topics.

Evergreen Content:

Overgliding all the traditional methods of ranking, Google seems to come up with a new algorithm to rank the content. Enhancing the latter implemented content approaches thereby highlighting evergreen content like DIY and others, Google Search is taking an overhaul over Google images.

Google Lens:

Integrating the image recognition mobile app developed by Google (Google Lens) directly with Google images, it plans to optimize the image search relativity.

There are also other features quoted in the advancements of Google in the future, Read-on…

The Future of Google Search Resembles Social Media

In fact, the upgrade of Google Search resembles the Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook content style.

Just like these aggressively growing social media platforms, updated Google Search shall also have the optimized photos, vertical video snippets, and read-through links.

Google search which had a tangled history with social networks earlier is now invigorating its search credibility instead of trying to reinvent the ever-evolving social network.

Considering the complexities while implementing these updates, Cathy Edwards (Director of Engineering- Google) explains that,

“We remember that all the content formats don’t fit this, but as we are in the midst of a transition, we are working vigorously to unveil the best interface in Google History”.

However, though all the transformation may not be possible overnight yet the features like Discover Feed, AMP Stories, and others are almost ready for their pitching.

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