Facebook Eyes on Blockchain Technology: Cryptocurrency

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Facebook Eyes on Blockchain Technology

Facebook Eyes on Blockchain Technology: Cryptocurrency

Having routed their operating strings into various forms of business models and comprising an exemplary entity in other coaxial technologies, Facebook now eyes on Blockchain Technology.

Following the aggressive research that underwent in analyzing the potential of blockchain and its future competency, reports conclude that Facebook is working hard to bring in its own bitcoin like cryptocurrency very soon.

Though there was a situation where a mist around bitcoin risks kept on growing, blockchain technology pitched over other industries providing various services intensively. Examining this, Facebook announced that head of the Messenger would lead a Team that researches on the extensive uses of block chain across Facebook Platforms.

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It all fell into place just as Mark Zuckerburg announced that there will be a deeper study of positives and negatives of new technologies like cryptocurrency 4 months before the research and now that shall introduce another online currency to the market.

As of now, information from the familiar sources evidently confirms that around 2 billion users of Facebook might be able to use the new digital currency to sell or buy through the platform.Facebook is also looking into other businesses that can accelerate their new currency and enhance the potentials of block chain technology services they intend to provide.

Earlier, baffling everyone with their announcement of pitching into blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Facebook raised innumerous speculations on its vision over the digital trend (bitcoin) that almost went down in the market recently. Clearing the dubieties, Facebook now seems to be very clear to bring in the new form of digital currency that had a visionary with the analysis and research they underwent in times.

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Also, with the market base it has among various countries, Facebook can flip over the sales transaction process that happen on their platform very easily using their own currency. Undoubtedly it might come up with a transaction fee that definitely doesn’t hurt the Facebook’s bottom line 

And so, if you are considering the chances to invest on bitcoin then do leave an eye on Facebook too. Meanwhile look into the new internet form of digital world Blockchain Technology which is diversifying its applications of decentralized security framework vibrantly.

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