Ephemeral Content: Most Influencing SMM Trends of 2018

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ephemeral content

Ephemeral Content & SMM Trends of 2018

As the name intends to explain, ephemeral content lasts for a very short time. Depending upon the access it’s placed on, the time brief of featured images and videos varies.

Quoted as the most impactful marketing strategy of 2018, Ephemeral Content serves the instant response and ingenious results for every business.

With the fleet-footed daily routine of every individual, brief appearance and disappearance of the effective content engage them on social media platforms. As of now, social media biggies Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have customized this strategy to bring commendable market results in for their users.

According to an online survey, each day an average user scrolls 300 feet of content leaving a minimum span of grabbing user’s attention to 8 seconds. And, just like the ‘Ephemeral Content’, there are other social media trends for 2018 which are predicted to show an impact in these strait corners of the market.

Most Influencing SMM Trends of 2018

**Moving from the robotic chatbots, latest chatbot trend connects customers from all over the world instantly. As, chatbot trend gives brands the space to interact with the audience in a most personalized way, choosing the target audience who are adaptable to new technologies will make it worth implementing.

Consider these steps while enabling it on millennials,

– Create a display character first
– Make the chatbot more human-like, create a copy not the code first
– Keep it simple and ingenious.
– Come up with a reason for the user to use it.
– Check it’s feasibility on a potential environment first.
– Show some resist to failures.

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**As earlier this year, iPhone 8 and iPhoneX developed augmented reality experience for its customers, it intrigued a scope for marketing products through AR. Engaging, audience in a quick, simple and interactive way social media now seems to help Augmented Reality to mainstream in the market.

** Due to the enormous growth of the influential marketing, consumers today look-out for the real influencers and industry experts to trust on a brand. So, considering the future of influencer marketing which turn brands into the real experts; maintaining a scalable and productive relationship with the influencer might be worth for an instant market result.

** In the fast influencing mobile culture, consumption of video is changing every other day. As per the stats of 2017, 90% of content shared by social media users is video; which hypes the estimations on its potential to drive the consumer traffic from the internet as 80% by 2020. Adding hopes to this, Planning Head at Twitter, David Wilding quoted Video as a marketing tactic instead of a usual strategy. Looking into the future of the video monetization, companies are now strategizing to capture the user’s attention in the first 3 seconds of video (ads) itself.

ephemeral content

Ephemeral Content as part of SMM Trends in 2018

Coming back to the Ephemeral content and its impact, here are the pros and cons of its implementation on and in the market..,

>> The Ephemeral content has been a very good strategy for any startup firm that intends to introduce an innovative-ingenious service/product into the market. Also, firms that aim to reach a wide number of audience through social media platforms, Ephemeral content is showing the instant results for firms that have perfection in implementation and efficiency in strategy.

>> Like every other marketing trend, the ephemeral strategy also has limitations. It may not suit every business objective and might not be worth applying at times too.

On a brighter note, we need to remember that no strategy is as simple to implement and invigorate. But having a clear approach to client’s niche and the potential of strategy you choose may alter the results, be it with ephemeral or any other.

Despite ephemeral marketing cons, people still get engaged with the brands that market valuable and relatable content steadily. And that’s exactly where clients look-up for Social Media Marketing service experts with trust to witness a clear long-term strategy bound within a scalable budget.

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