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devops trends

DevOps Trends for 2018 that are a Break-through 

DevOps trends still follow its basic functionality of bringing enterprise development and ops on a single loop to enhance product delivery speed for achieving business goals in 2018. In fact, DevOps is growing its application and implementation benefits through various trends in 2018 compared to the previous year.

Acknowledging the fact that shows us the velocity of fast pacing DevOps world, it was (is) never an easy task to streamline businesses with DevOps latest trends. But, as experts still predict that DevOps Technology is going to be on mainstream and will be featured among the path-breaking business trends of 2018, small medium and large enterprises are looking out to clamp on Top DevOps trends.

As part of the predictions, a noted company’s DevOps Engineer states that “Bigger companies are still struggling to adopt new work forms completely”, which defines that there are companies which gross in millions and still aren’t able to adopt advanced DevOps Techniques practice.

It isn’t the mistake of company leads and management heads for not being able to implement the DevOps trends effectively. As even big ships take time to steer in the right direction of sail, even a big company needs a lot of resources, energy, and time to update their out-fashioned team to implement.

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So, based on the analysis drafted over these predictions and statements, it’s clear that DevOps Applications lets businesses understand their power by enhancing the productivity and operational accuracy to the maximum levels; all it needs is a perfect implementation strategy.

devops trends

DevOps Trends in 2018

 *As the manual testing is time-consuming, automation testing is highly preferred to pace up the efficiency and productivity of the business in the market. Thus, the demand for automation testers who are feasible with coding and DevOps tools shall take a steep drift in 2018.

*As Automation implies the reasons of efficiency, developers are trying to introduce zero-touch automation from 2018. Despite understanding the 6C’s of DevOps cycle, (Continuous Business Planning, Collaborative Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Release and Deployment, Continuous Monitoring, Collaborative Customer Feedback & Optimization), we mainly focus on automation applications; along with other C’s.

*As Microservices Architecture doesn’t create a dependency of operations, it’s evolving in the form of an independent service enterprise. So, working on its applications, companies are benefiting from uninterrupted, fast and efficient deployments; which aligns it closely with the adoption of DevOps services in the near future – 2018.

* Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that iterates integrating code by an automated build and keeps verifying to then deploy into a unified path called the pipeline. Thus, pipeline visualizes app control right from the source to product and it’s not just about CI, it’s more focused on continuous delivery and the final output. Interestingly, this functionality will be shifting from CI pipeline to DevOps Trend – DevOps assembly lines.

While these influences tell the impact of DevOps in 2018, here are some rapid developments in DevOps future…,

>> As more number of companies is expected to spring on to enterprise versions, utilization of DevOps increases resulting in the agile development of its functionalities and applications.

>> A containerized -orchestration system for automated deployment, scaling and management of applications in open-source, Kubernetes is going to evolve like never before.

>> Adoption to modern agility and rapid technology growth are going to bring in the requirement for development of DevOps advanced versions.

So, as the future of DevOps is on mainstream you’ll require a pro to handle the advancements with worthy expertise and knowledge into it. If you are doubt the same, here’s whom you can trust.

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