Cyborg Technology: The Future of AI and Cybernetics

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What Exactly is a Cyborg Technology?

Undoubtedly, Cyborg Technology can be stated as the future of AI and cybernetics world.

50+ years back, 2 scientists Manfred Clynes and Nathan S. Kline coined the term “Cyborg”, mentioning about a futuristic being that would perform certain bodily functions with a machine in the human body.

While a cyborg technology was assumed to be a science fiction during the beginning stages of it, today almost 30,000 people have RFID chips under their skin that can exchange data. These people with the technology connected and biomechatronic body parts are termed as cyborgs.

However, a cyborg is completely different from the so-called bionic, bio-robots or android terms in the form of functionality or the integration itself. A being that has enhanced the ability to function by integrating the bodily components or technology is called a cyborg, scientifically.

Cyborgs: The Augmented Human of the Future

While our tech philosophers and scientists keep predicting on the future, it’s said that the cyborg generation is not so far for us in the coming future.

As we are already witnessing some of these humanoid robotic and cyborg versions in front of us, cyborg technology, cybernetics and future AI’s are no longer part of the science fictions. It’s here and soon will be everywhere.

Here are some of the proven examples of the progressing experiments on real-life cyborgs. These individuals have voluntarily decided to transform as part-human, part-machine in real-life.

Amazing Examples of Cyborg Technology

*Though Mohsen Minaei has made a number of non-human alterations to his body, he doesn’t look like a cyborg. These changes have been helping the way he works as a geophysicist without the need of paper or electronic maps.

*Neil Harbisson is a cyborg artist who was born with Achromatopsia (extreme color blindness) can now experience colors even beyond the human perceptions.

*Jesse Sullivan is the first cyborg of his kind who is equipped with a new bionic limb that’s connected to a nerve-muscle graft. With it, he can sense heat, cold, and the pressure his grip applies. This robotic limb thereby turned out to be a revolutionary invention for every amputee today.

*Jens Nauman had a dream become reality moment when he received an artificial vision system long-after getting blinded in a horrific accident. He was the first person in the world whose cyborg eye is connected to visual cortex through brain implants.

*Nigel Ackland represents a real-life version of “The Terminator” with his advanced robotic prosthetic.

*Ribas, a Catalan artist has an implant in her arm that can sense every earthquake on the planet.

*A filmmaker, Rob Spence replaced his lost right eye with a prosthetic (a wireless-transmitting video camera), which can shoot and record 30 minutes of footage before the battery drains.

*Using the Medical Instruments, Prosthetics, Robotics, VR systems, Internet and everything that helps in exploring interfaces with the body, Stelarc – a performance artist has enhanced his vision and hearing capabilities thereby made 3 movies on his inner body.

New-age Best Innovations

Neurobridge is a new-age innovation that’s designed to enable the paraplegics to move again by connecting the brain nerves with the body.

It has been the best achievement since the advancement of cyborg technology has started, though artificial retinas, cochlear implants, and brain pacemakers have set the benchmarks.

As the requirement and need for a highly sophisticated environment keep on increasing, we’ll keep-on witnessing these revolutionary innovations in the very near future.

While the replacement organs, robotic prosthetic, and implants are alternatively performing the bodily functions, we are now at the forefront of the enhancement revolution.

Introducing the contact lenses to improve the vision of military exoskeletons that give them herculean strength, cyborgs are part of our near future.

Like wisely, Google is working on a smart contact lens that monitors glucose levels of a diabetic and can even enhance the vision capacity of a partially impaired.

As the age of cyborg revolution is already upon us, we can now proudly say that we know enough about the Neuroscience, Computing, AI, Robotics, Cybernetics and other materials that are required to hack the body we are living with.

And if you are searching for a cutting-edge AI service and an expert with a deep knowledge of these future technologies, we are here.

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