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5 Excellent 4 Very Good 3 Good 2 Average 1 Poor NA Not Applicable
1 Interaction with Team
2 Quality and completeness of Proposal submitted to undertake this project
3 Thoroughness in analyzing requirements
4 Responsiveness to requirement changes, if any
5 Resolution time to the request/issue raised
6 Quality of documentation provided
7 Quality of intermediate deliverables, if any
8 Quality of final deliverables
9 Execution of various phases of the project as per the timelines indicated in the Statement of Work/ Proposal
10 Team's Analysis and Design expertise
11 Team's technology expertise
12 Team's domain expertise
13 Value addition from the team
14 User-Friendliness of the software/product development
15 Status reporting
16 Approach to issue resolution
17 Overall quality of the team in your assessment
18 Overall rating of the project

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