Ephemeral Content: Most Influencing SMM Trends of 2018

June 28, 2018
Ephemeral Content & SMM Trends of 2018 As the name intends to explain, ephemeral content lasts for a very short time. Depending upon the access it’s placed on, the time brief of featured images and videos varies. Quoted as the most impactful marketing strategy of 2018, Ephemeral Content

DevOps Tools Adoption and Implementation Issues

June 25, 2018
DevOps Tools Adoption and Implementation Issues  As we know, DevOps Tools tends to set enterprise business goals in sync with its development and operational expertise to improvise product delivery speed; continuous delivery and continuous integration have been a part of its implementation

Big Data and Data Science Applications

June 19, 2018
Big Data Data Science Applications Very few know that Big Data, Data Science and Data Analytics are three different segments of data approach, ultimately used for business progression. Listing out their definitions and relatable applications, here’s how they differ in contrast.., What’s Big

Blockchain Technology Enters Supply Chain System

June 15, 2018
Blockchain Enters Supply Chain System with Microsoft AI Blockchain Technology summed up another platform into its application list, this time by uniting with Artificial Intelligence (AI). A product tracking platform that’s developed to offer end-to-end traceability and transparency over the

SharePoint Development Services Update

June 12, 2018
SharePoint Development update: 2019 Crossing 190 million+ users across 200,000 customer organizations, SharePoint Development Services were initiated with a web-based comprehensive collaboration tool in 2001. Unlike other collaboration software services like Confluence, Igloo, Webmerge, etc,

SEO Trends of 2018 for Digital Marketing

June 7, 2018
Best SEO Trends of 2018 Following the most happening SEO Trends has been the core value of efficient Digital Marketing strategy in recent days. Earlier we knew that SEO- Search Engine Optimization is just a technique to drive a large number of organic searches to our websites but now its