Blockchain Technology Enters Supply Chain System

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Blockchain Enters Supply Chain System with Microsoft AI

Blockchain Technology summed up another platform into its application list, this time by uniting with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A product tracking platform that’s developed to offer end-to-end traceability and transparency over the supply chain system, “Ardents NovaTrack” has been introduced as the new solution in the market.

Aiming to provide clients with enhanced transparency along the whole supply chain, Ardents allied with Microsoft (Learning and Business Intelligence) for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology assistance.

Unlike block chain, Ardents NovaTrack integrated and applied technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Serialization function to secure product authenticity for end users.

Despite the fact that this product ideation initially aimed at pharmaceutical industry – to restrict drug copying frauds, creative minds behind the product started to explore its other abilities and high-end industry values of it.

Thus, the latest solution for supply chain system seems to envision the application of it in other platforms while unfolding its restriction to cryptocurrency.

Consequently, a U.S based life science research marketplace has developed a blockchain-based supply chain tracking and protecting platform to verify and validate entire pharmaceutical data.

Following that, popular U.S retail corporation Walmart declared its initiative to use Blockchain technology in its live food business, so as to have transparency with suppliers who place food on it.

Interestingly, Swissport – An airport ground and cargo handling company is also looking on to this decentralized data Technology for providing a decentralized platform for its supply chain clientele.

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