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ASP dotnet

Why use ASP.NET Core

Besides being available as an open source web framework, ASP Dotnet builds advanced web applications that are flexible enough to run on Windows, Linux and the Mac.

Its MVC framework now combines with the features of web API to form into a single web programming framework.

Though ASP DotnetCore is built on the .net Core run-time, it has the ability to run on the .NET Framework as a whole at its max compatibility.

Dealing with the customizations in the architecture of ASP dotnet Core, we at CATT made it easier to understand without .DLL (dynamic-link library).

Also, the most popular web application/software Outlook runs with ASP dotnet framework.

Benefits of ASP dotnet Core

Developed & run on cross-platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux

It supports side-by-side app versioning

Holds simplified tools to improve web development

Unique web stack alignment for Web UI and Web APIs

Supports dependency injection

Defining it in the developer’s POV, ASP dot net Core is Cross Platform Software that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac thereafter even handles N number of requests each time.

Installing a .Net framework isn’t a must, if the user can import the required dll dynamic-link library) files for dev’ent.

Also, the developers are provided with a feasibility to build web UI and API’s using ASP.NET core MVC.

However, ASP.NET core can also be integrated with different client-side frameworks like Bootstrap, KnockoutJS & AngularJS seamlessly.

Thus, it is evident that the ASP dotnet Core software can deploy .NET Core or .NET Framework run-time to produce the best output.

Now, let’s get started with your ASP.NET Core and .NET framework requirement.

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