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The app market has grown splendidly as one of the greatest business promotion platforms with a large universal audience that is rapidly increasing each year. We at Cat Technology Inc, offering our creative application development services for your business with in your budget.

ERP Solutions

ERP solutions have become the pioneer tool for every business enterprises to streamline their routine operations saving both time and resources. Cat Technology Inc serve you the best Focus 8 ERP solutions to integrate your internal and external business field strategies.

IT Infrastructure Services

With the huge increase in digitization of all data and information, today companies are relying extensively on a solid IT infrastructures services. Cat technologies is expertise in monitoring your infrastructure with multiple domain experience.

IT Staffing Solutions

An increasingly competitive global marketplace and a struggling worldwide economy have many business owners looking for more ways to streamline operations. We at CAT Technology Inc are here for you in order to help you with our technical hiring needs

SharePoint Development

Now manage all multiple functions of an organisation on a single server. Our effective share point development solutions at CAT Technology Inc provides you an easy to access the files / information stored in word document or spreadsheets.

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“I am very pleased with CAT Technology’s quick response and quality candidates presented when helping us to fill our requirements. The people at CAT Technology are very professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Andrew Grimes, Glotel, Inc. - Phoenix

“I have worked with many recruiting firms and CAT Technology ranks among the very best in all aspects of the recruiting process. They provide excellent candidates at competitive rates. CAT Technology is responsive, effective and professional.”

Donna Clark, CEO, Alexander Consulting Services

” We have been very pleased with the level of support we’ve received from the team at CAT. The account managers have been great to work with – they are diligent in maintaining communication with us. We look forward to continued success with CAT. “

Julie Ganucheau, Analysts International

“BCI finds CAT America a very responsive vendor that provides quality candidates at very competitive rates. CAT often responds with qualified candidates within hours rather than days. BCI plans to continue to use CAT America to help it meet its IT needs.”

Rick Bachofner, PMP, BCI

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Important Things of Web Development

October 17, 2017
Important Things of Website Development Important Things of Website Development A website is must for businesses, no matter if they are small or large corporations with global reach. They are windows through which consumers can be in contact with brands and vice versa. They are spaces that not only increase the presence of the brand, but are also a channel for promoting and selling the products and services offered by an organization, so a well-established website will mean greater assets for a company. Some important things to remember in web development to develop a responsive website. These things we must discuss with developers before sign the agreement with Web Development Services Company. That’s why we list some tips that can be applied in Website Development, so that it is more successful. Design The simpler, the better, a website has to be less in size, simple and easy to read, i.e. intuitive; should not be saturated with multimedia content (flash animations, videos, photos, etc.) as these will make the page late in loading and thus end up with the patience of a client. Content The information that is provided and published must be according to the turn of the company, this must be a faithful representation of the image of the organization; the contents must be coherent and must provide an added value for those who read them, these should be a tool of use for your customers. Creating categories is essential, as is a contact section. Mobility The use of mobile devices is a trend that is becoming a habit, if a web page does not have an appropriate format that can be read correctly, most likely miss the opportunity to approach a potential customer. Innovation Changes are one of the key elements for any company to highlight, once you have a web page you should not leave it in the dark, the market is changing and the forms of communication are also, so you should continually look for new opportunities to improve your site. Own domain Having it is identical with credibility and importance, two key aspects for any industry, once you have it you can include it to Google to appear in the searches that are done through its engines, although this is done in an automated way is never of more do it manually. Feedback Listen to customers, you can formulate small questionnaires that will provide information that is too useful about your services, a sea of ​​information of your target audience that if used correctly, will have extremely important benefits for the company. Know More about CAT Technology Inc Web Development Services

JavaScript Optimization in Magento Development

October 17, 2017
Magento, one of the most widely used shop systems, has a serious and long-standing problem with the handling of JavaScript – we explain our problems of JavaScript optimization in Magento Development. Some Magento developement Companies are likely to be at the point where the customer asked for either an improvement in the shop’s loading time or other appropriate measures to increase their performance or the like. A standard Magento configuration is already delivered with more than 20 JavaScript files. Thus, for most developers, it is quickly clear that the reduction of the JavaScript or their merge into a file instead of 20 will bring a speed advantage and better performance. This is associated with comparatively little effort on the contrary to other optimization measures. For such cases, Magento offers the standard “Combine JavaScript Files”, which has more disadvantages than advantages. The disadvantages will be explained in detail in this blog post using three examples. The initial situation: When using the feature provided by Magento, all JavaScript files are combined in one file, a hash is generated from the size of the content and saved as a file. In our other examples, we use simple names such as “abc.js” and “xyz.js” instead of the hashes. However, the Magento developers did not consider some serious errors when implementing their features. Error 1: Minimized or combined JavaScript files can make the entire store unusable! As soon as 2-3 minimized JavaScript files are integrated into the existing shop system, the first problems already occur. Even if the developer should come to the idea of ​​compressing Magento’s JavaScript files, errors may occur. The problem is the coding style of Magento developers. JavaScript allows it to complete terminated functions without a semicolon, which Magento developers use very often. If a developer compresses Magento JavaScript files for performance or loading time optimization and activates the combiner function, this causes critical errors. Compressing the files shrinks the file contents to exactly one line. As soon as a “var” declaration is placed at the beginning of the second file and a function has been terminated in the first file without a final semicolon (which is in 95% of the cases), the code is incorrectly parsed and both files lose their actual functionality. Error 2: Combining JavaScript files entails the risk of increasing the loading time of the page! Now surely ask some, as it is possible at all if one instead of 20 files only one loads and thus the HTTP requests due to the JavaScript optimization have fallen massively. The question can be illustrated by a simple example. Let’s assume that the JavaScript files “abc.js” and “xyz.js” are loaded on the start page of the shop. These files are loaded everywhere. After activating the combination, they are combined to (example) “abcdef.js”. When the user visits the home page, the file is delivered once and then cached. So far so good. However, if the user visits a product page that requires “foo.js” and “bar.js” except “abc.js” and “xyz.js”, a

How to Hire Best PHP Development Services Company

October 16, 2017
How to Hire Best PHP Development Services Company How to Hire Best PHP Development Services Company In today’s world of advanced technology and digitization, almost every business is online. As an entrepreneur, you should have access to advanced technologies as well as knowledge of the application of the latest tools and software. These skills help you increase sales, provide better customer service, and turn your business into an exceptional experience. When it comes to developing a website, the first thing that comes to mind is PHP. The development of PHP applications is one of the cleverest ways to simplify your business process. To simplify your business processes, you need an excellent company that offers PHP Web Application Development Services. There are a number of PHP development companies in India that claim to offer the best services. They should never be affected by false promises made by any web development company. Rather, you should consider some factors to ensure that you choose the right PHP Web Development Services Company for your site. To hire the best PHP Development Company, you should conduct a thorough research online. Based on the research, you need to take a few in the narrow selection. Here are some of the factors you should consider before you hire a PHP developer. Check Their Website: To host a PHP web developer, you need to thoroughly review their website. The website of a development company is one of the most important factors you should consider before setting it up. It reflects the efficiency of their work. Check if it is a website or an authentic site. The website of a good PHP web development company describes everything about the company. You need to check the functionality of the site, appearance, features, content, graphics, user-friendliness, animation and SEO. Check out the Portfolio of the PHP Developers: Once you have selected a few PHP development companies, you should look at your work portfolio. Check what types of projects they have completed so far. By studying their past projects, you will get a better understanding of their skills and their expertise. Ensure that your projects are relevant to your needs. Experience: Experience is another important factor that you need to explore before you can complete a PHP development company for your business. Ask them about their experience in this field. Also check the work of your previous clients. A good company with several years of experience can make your work more efficient. Check Their Testimonials: Check their testimonials to know how they are supposed to be. You can also review your reviews online to help you understand whether their previous customers were satisfied with the company. When you see that most reviews are positive, this helps you choose the company. Customer Service: A good company offers customer service around the clock and always stands ready to meet the needs of its customers. The verification that the company offers these services should be an adjustment factor. Ask your PHP development company for details