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Powerful Organizations are driven by Powerful People – Powerful People driven by Powerful Visions - Visions are enabled by Powerful Systems – Welcome to Focus

Enabling You

The robust nature of the solution allows Focus 8 to adapt to your organization’s size and depth and grow user roles and profiles to suit the organizational hierarchy and structure.

  • Modular structure lets you decide the ERP rollout strategy
  • Unlimited* masters, tags & workflows let you define & evolve your company’s SOPs
  • Powerful Application Programming Interface (API) lets you expand your operational unification across your organization

Focus 8 – It grows with you!

Organizational evolution demands Standard Operating Procedures, well defined workflows, authorizations, and escalation processes, and intuitive & transparent business intelligence. The system deployed to achieve these goals, further needs to be “simple” and “easy to use” with a penchant for scalability. These SOPs and traits exist in most organizations, at least theoretically, but the execution and adherence to these exacting standards still remain elusive.

Focus 8 shines out as a beacon of hope, meeting and far exceeding these expectations and establishing itself as an industry benchmark.

Focus 8 is simplicity in itself. The very nature of its revolutionary design makes it a breeze for you to achieve these capabilities. All we do is Enable You!

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