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  • The Project Lead will identify a customer support request and establish maintenance agreement.
  • The Project Manager is responsible for preparing an action plan for the maintenance activities.
  • The project team is responsible for performing the approved changes.
  • The Project Manager is responsible for identifying problems regarding monitoring of customer complaints.
  • Quality Coordinator is responsible for conducting configuration audits on a monthly basis.
  • Control Mechanisms
  • Change Requests are approved by Changes Authority
  • The Project Manager reviews the project activities on a monthly basis during the project assessment meetings
  • Configuration Audits are conducted by Quality Coordinator
  • Procedure:
    Website Maintenance Services
    Typically following activities are carried out in Website Maintenance Services
  • Day-to-Day Maintenance
  • Changes to Web-Site
  • Adding Web Pages
  • Changes to the content
  • Email-Management
  • Connectivity Management
  • Web Analysis.
  • The Team Lead will provide the commonly required day-to-day maintenance and support for the web site to ensure that the application sustains the network and delivers high performance.
  • Changes to the website is identified by the Project Lead and it will be sent to Project Manager for an action plan to be deployed to handle the same.
  • The Project Lead will build the action plan and schedule for the website changes. After subsequent approval of the plan by the Project Manager, the Project Manager will forward the plan to the Web development team lead.
  • The Web developer will collect the changes from the Project Lead to perform the required changes. Changes to the functionalities of the webpage(s) will be done after approval from Project Mange.
  • Content that requires change will be picked up by the Project Manager from the Project Lead. New/Additional content will thus be incorporated by the Project Leader (also by the web developer)
  • The Project Lead / Project Manager manages and maintains the emails/feedback from the visitors to the website.
  • Whenever the website is down for any reason the Project Lead contacts the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the proper reason and informs the same to the Project Manager. The Project Lead also keeps track of the hit ratio and clicks per day on the website and sends a performance report to the Project Manager.
  • Reports on Web site maintenance process are carefully followed up by the Project Lead.
  • Maintenance Support Service
  • A request/call from a client may be received by the support team through e-mail, over phone, conference call, or by a formal request.
  • When a call/request is placed to the Support Team, it is logged into a Task Tracking Sheet for problem tracking and a unique number is assigned for the same.
  • The Project Lead assigns a person for analyzing and resolving the call/request.
  • The Support Team will analyze the problem reported, resolves the same and closes the call/request.
  • Problems that remain unresolved by the person concerned will be referred to the Project Lead for re-assigning it to the person who has additional expertise in the area of the problem.
  • The support team member will identify the source of the problem and propose the solution which will be reviewed (if required) by the Tech Lead. The approved solution will be implemented and tested before it is released/ provided to the client.
  • Task Tracking Sheet is updated at the end of every day and reported to the Project Manager on a weekly basis.
  • The Quality Coordinator conducts the configuration audit on a monthly basis for verifying the integrity of the configuration management system of the project.
  • Maintenance Support Process Flow